► Financing

By facilitating early treatment through affiliated doctors/clinics, we believe that health conditions can be prevented from escalating and injured patients can be quickly placed on the road to recovery. By pre-funding the affiliate doctors/providers accounts receivable, there is no delay in providing reasonable, necessary, and appropriate treatment to patients with spine injuries. As an Injury Funding company, we use our patented Quad Video Halo Technology (QVH) System to completely video record all our funded procedures in a HIPPA compliant manner that cannot be altered by any party. No other funding company in the country is doing this. With our Quad Video Halo Technology System, everyone involved in the claims resolution process now sees the full patient encounter in high definition video.

► Quad Video Halo Techology (QVH)

The QVH documents full spinal diagnostic injection procedures from video consent to completion in four camera 1080HD or 4K video with sound, while simultaneously in real-time, transports a HIPPA compliant, chain of custody authenticated file copy to SPIN’s headquarters in Houston, TX and then on to each Affiliate dedicated “cloud” storage location. Access to the highly secured video b authorized parties can be viewed in real-time as performed or downloaded at any time on any internet capable display device. SPIN, through its Quad Video Halo, Inc. subsidiary, also produces a tamper proof DVD or drive to the referring doctor.

► Concusion Testing – Concusion & Spine Injury Solutions, Inc. (CSIS)

With a positive Concussion Test evaluation, the supervising Neurologist may recommend Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation services. SPIN is working with doctors & therapists who can provide Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation. These therapy services are in high demand with concussion cases. Most therapists do not do Letters of Protection (LOP’s) for their therapy services. SPIN has developed a program where we will finance the therapist AR and facilitate cash flow to the therapy center. This is good for the therapist and the injured patient.


► Who is Spine Injury Solutions, Inc.