Spine Injury Solutions intends to continue to expand within its current regions as well as expand geographically, with the target of achieving an average of $200,000 in monthly gross revenue per center. To reach these goals, Spine Injury Solutions will from time to time seek additional “growth” working capital to strengthen its revenue base and achieve economies of scale resulting in efficient and reduced-cost production. In addition, in order to cost-effectively open clinics in new markets, Spine Injury Solutions has initiated a staged process. The Company strategically identifies a territory and credentials affiliates through an on-boarding process to ensure superior results and maximum market penetration. Once this clinic proves its viability,

The target of achieving an average of $200,000 in monthly gross revenue per center

it either becomes a preferred provider which can be a physician owned affiliate or corporate-owned clinic, depending upon the regulatory environment of the territory. Currently, Spine Injury Solutions has all doctor owned affiliates and no corporate-owned clinics. The Company intends to migrate a portion of affiliate clinics to company-owned over time when appropriate. Additionally, Spine Injury Solutions is interested in implementing a strategic marketing strategy for the patented HALO Quad Video Tehcnology™ System that is synergistic to its core business and creates new business opportunities. Quad Video HALO Technology™ presents other potential avenues for growth and revenue.

Spine Injury Solutions is in a constant state of self-improvement and development in an effort to further advance its management process and reduce time to settlement. Its objective is to create a cloud system that would improve the scalability and market penetration of Spine Injury Solutions services. Improved synergy and cooperation between all parties involved will achieve greater efficiency and result in an increasingly positive solution.