Nationally Recognized Spine Injury Expert, Jeffrey A. Cronk, DC, JD Accepts Chief Operating Officer Position At Spine Injury Solutions, Inc. (SPIN)

HOUSTON, Aug. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Spine Injury Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB:SPIN), a technology-driven, medical service, and healthcare solution and financing company servicing the multi-billion dollar spine injury sector, through its Chairman/CEO, Dr. William Donovan, today announced the  appointment of Jeffrey A. Cronk, DC, JD, to its position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Dr. Cronk has been a Director of SPIN since October, 2015 and will retain his seat on the BOD.

William Donovan, M.D., Chairman/CEO of Spine Injury Solutions, Inc., stated, “Jeff Cronk and I first became acquainted some two years ago when he discovered that we were working on a Video Transparency Device, our Quad Video HALO™, a development we both realized could revolutionize the Spine Injury sector. From his bio below, Jeff is not only a co-developer and marketing director of a very successful software program on pinpointing Spinal Ligament damage in injury cases but his extensive knowledge and understanding of the Spine Injury sector made me feel he would be a strong addition to SPIN’s executive team.

Donovan continued, “Last year, I started to realize that a qualified candidate was already on the BOD.  As Jeff became more knowledgeable about SPIN and QVH, he has been slowing down his other commitments to avail him more time to spend with SPIN. Over the past several months he has rapidly become the force behind the Company’s decision to expand SPIN’s local Affiliate Program, nationwide. Aside from his Industry knowledge and extensive contacts, his organizational and marketing skills make him the perfect leader to assist me in taking SPIN to its next level and beyond.”

Dr. Jeffrey Cronk stated, “For the last 29 years I have dedicated my professional life to helping people overcome their physical difficulties, especially as it has related to the spine. Since 1996 my passion has been in the area of spinal injury work, more specifically the injuries to the spinal ligaments.  At the time and even now today, we know that spinal injuries are the number one cause of pain and disability in the market.  Since that time, I have specialized in developing and marketing diagnostic procedures and protocols that can help aid any doctor in determining the severity and location of this condition.  I have done this with the end user or the patient in mind as we know that early detection and better understanding of these injuries by all parties, will lead to a reduction in chronic pain rates, a reduction in disability rates and a reduction in costs to all parties involved.  All my company involvements throughout my career have had this same goal.

Two years ago, an associate in an existing client, Spinal Kinetics, introduced me to SPIN and Dr. Donovan.  In this meeting, I was introduced to the Quad Video Halo (QVH) video medical records technology.  It was very clear that Dr. Donovan’s goals with this technology were to help reduce medical errors in pain management procedures or surgical procedures.  These attributes were easy to see with this technology, additionally, technologies like the QVH are needed in both the injury and non-injury related services sector as they will improve outcomes.

After a quick review of his work and meeting Dr. Donovan, I was convinced that SPIN’s goals and mission aligned with the purpose and mission that I was trying to achieve in other aspects of the injury market.

Cronk went on to say, “For a year, I watched SPIN management attempt to make the leap from development to commercial practical application of the QVH. At year end, I volunteered to assist the company in this critical step. After starting to review the whole Company, I realized what Dr. Donovan had already accomplished in developing and using the QVH cases over the past few years. In my opinion, the QVH has the ability to increase the end benefits to the injured patient over the status quo.  With such a scalable, clinic friendly model, there was an opportunity to be able to establish affiliate locations that could bring value to any local injury ecosystem.  When you can bring value to the patients, value to the referring providers, value to the insurer’s, value to the legal representation on both sides, you are literally bringing value to the whole local injury ecosystem and that is a real win-win situation and precisely what we intend to do.  There was no question in my mind that this is a project worth investing time and resources into and a project that we can easily build a profitable business.

Several months ago, Dr. Donovan approached me with an invitation to become more directly involved in the Company, but the timing was not right.  During these few months, my thoughts and ideas for the Company only multiplied, so when offered the position of Chief Operating Officer, I accepted with sincere enthusiasm. What I particularly appreciate is Dr. Donovan’s understanding of the value and synergism my own existing longer term projects bring to the SPIN Affiliate Model and his desire that I continue to dedicate a portion of my time to continue in those efforts for the overall good of SPIN.

With the business model foundation that Dr. Donovan and his team have delivered to date, I now look forward to building on the advances the Company has made and that Dr. Donovan’s perseverance and the QVH deserve.  I also look forward to meeting you all on the Q2, 2017 Investors Conference Call this afternoon. I am very eager to get started and to help SPIN do some great things in this $250 billion market.”

About Dr. Jeffrey A. Cronk: Dr. Jeffrey A. Cronk, DC, JD – age 54, received a Bachelor’s Degree in General Sciences and a Doctorate Chiropractic in 1988. That same year he became a Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic and has maintained his license. In 2013 he completed his Law Degree with a special emphasis on personal injury law. Dr. Cronk’s main passion is in the area of Spine Injury, both ligament and bone and the importance of proper diagnosis and treatment. There is no other Doctor in the country that has provided more educational Webinars and Seminars on these topics.

He has participated in the co-development of an online web based system that will allow a radiologist to log in from anywhere in the world and perform a study. He was integral in assisting with the development of the program that trains these highly educated medical professionals. He has delivered well over 350 webinar programs, along with many seminars, published a number of articles and has traveled the country delivering CE and CLE programs on these injuries. He has delivered his programs to Doctors of Chiropractic, Doctors of Osteopathic, Medical Doctors, Plaintiff Attorneys, Defense Attorneys, Medical Specialists, Physical Therapists, Nurse Practitioners, Insurance Adjusters, Case Managers, Utilization Reviewers, Independent Medical/Chiropractic Examiners and the general public.

Dr. Cronk has also delivered educational materials to professionals via his online educational programs.  These programs focus on better educating professionals so that they can improve their results with the patients or clients that they serve.  Dr. Cronk has been an extreme advocated for improving injury clinical objectivity through better diagnostic protocols, improving patient treatment results through better understanding of the patient’s actual condition, standardizing documentation procedures so that the injury environment is less adversarial in nature, and reducing the costs to all parties involved.  His philosophy has also been to bring forward technologies and training that benefits all parties involved: injured patients, treating doctors, plaintiff attorneys, defense attorneys, insurers, and the employers and the public that they serve.

About Spine Injury Solutions, Inc.:

We are a medical services and technology company facilitating diagnostic services for patients who have sustained spine injuries resulting from traumatic accidents. We deliver turnkey solutions to spine surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, DOs and other healthcare providers that provide necessary and appropriate treatment of musculo-skeletal spine injuries resulting from automobile and work-related accidents. Our management and funding services help reduce the financial burden on healthcare providers that provide patients with early-stage diagnostic testing and non-invasive surgical care, preventing many patients from being unnecessarily delayed or inhibited from obtaining needed treatment.

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