Spine Injury Solutions Gives Quad Video HALO™ Update

HOUSTON, July 07, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Spine Injury Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB:SPIN), a technology-driven, medical service, device and healthcare solution company servicing the multi-billion dollar spine injury sector, through its Chairman/CEO Dr. William Donovan, MD is pleased to announce the 3rd party placement of two of its Quad Video HALO (QVH) units in the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex and El Paso TX. The Dallas area QVH v.3 was an outright sale and the El Paso is a trial of an additional new “per Use” business model. Additionally, QVH Inc., a division of Spine Injury Solutions Inc., will be presenting and demonstrating at Boston Bio Life workshop, July 16-17.
The Dallas-Ft Worth  Metroplex sale was for one QVH v.3 with an option to buy two additional units. It was placed with a seven doctor Interventional Pain Management Group who have a total of four Centers in the Metroplex area. While this group is currently doing a minimal amount of Personal Injury cases with the intention of growing the area, their main interest as of now is for Documentation and Education. This latter area also spreads to their sharing affiliation with an adjoining independent cadaver lab.

The El Paso placement is to an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) which is also beginning to add personal injury cases, but primarily is adding the unit for transparency though documentation, risk reduction and education. This placement, rather than an outright sale at this time, is being looked at by the Company as a trial for an additional outlet for QVH v.3 and QVH Rx placements whereby SPIN effectively “leases” a unit to the facility and is compensated on a “per use” basis. They are also considering the addition of QVH Rx unit. Both the QVH v.3 and QVH Rx are well suited for this new business model in that both products are connected and monitored in real time to home office servers 24/7 creating instant validation when in use.

Boston Bio life Workshop – Quad Video HALO will be a participating sponsor at the “Hands–On Stem Cell Therapies and Biologics for the Clinical Application of Pain Management”, July 16-17 at the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor Hotel. Attendees are primarily pain management specialist, orthopedic physicians, rehabilitation specialists, sports medicine physicians, osteopathic specialists and physical medicine specialists. Aside from presenting QVH in the forum setting before all attendees, SPIN’s QVH v.3 will be featured as an integral part of the “hands on” workshops involving “cutting edge” injection procedures. Representing QVH will be SPIN CEO Dr. Donovan, QVH President, David Spencer and QVH NE Director of Marketing, James Schwartz.

Dr. Donovan commented: “All new innovative products look forward to that commercial ‘first sale’, but not all achieve it. What made this first outright QVH v.3 sale to the Dallas group even more exciting was its opening the QVH v.3 to a much larger potential market then we first envisioned. While the QVH v.3 was developed to be ‘plug and play’ for the vast majority of newer generation all digital fluoroscopic C-arms, we were able to create a flawless adaptation to an earlier generation Siemens analog unit. The significance of this is a vast expansion of the potential market world-wide. I am equally excited about the El Paso ‘per use’ QVH v.3 placement in that it lowers the entry level for early adopters who are given the option to purchase the unit at any time. The innate nature of QVH being linked 24/7 to QVH home office servers and the ‘cloud’ made this a logical option for us to offer. These two placements are the early fruits of our Q1 Joint Marketing Agreement with Personal Injury Institute and Dr. DeGaeatano. I might add that Dr. DeGaeatano has also developed strong interest in QVH with several other groups, some with double digit unit potential.”

Donovan went on to say: “We are looking forward to the Boston Bio Life (BBL) Workshop late next week.  BBL Workshops around the country have a broad following of innovative doctors who grasp the need for continuously updating their grasp of new technologies. BBL’s target market is that of fast growing regenerative medicine, particularly for pain, which in most cases require a fluoroscopic C-Arm for accurate delivery. After our formal presentation in front of all attendees, each attendee will have an opportunity to see the QVH ‘in action’ creating real time video documentation at their hands working with human cadavers.”

About Boston Bio Life

Boston BioLife is an organization that provides cutting edge workshops that specialize in educational programs in the life sciences technologies for physicians and scientists interested in learning regenerative medicine. Our mission is to offer a “boutique style” forum, in which, we facilitate the understanding of emerging life sciences technologies by scientists and healthcare providers in a position to make an impact on people’s lives. Boston BioLife is proud to introduce companies and innovations that may not otherwise be recognized and to provide scientific studies and background that ensures validation.

More information on Boston Bio Life Workshops can be found at their website. www.bostonbiolife.com/ 

About Spine Injury Solutions, Inc:

We are a medical services and technology company facilitating diagnostic services for patients who have sustained spine injuries resulting from traumatic accidents. We deliver turnkey solutions to spine surgeons, orthopedic surgeons and other healthcare providers that provide necessary and appropriate treatment of musculo-skeletal spine injuries resulting from automobile and work-related accidents. Our care management services help reduce the financial burden on healthcare providers that provide patients with early-stage diagnostic testing and non-invasive surgical care, preventing many patients from being unnecessarily delayed or inhibited from obtaining needed treatment. We believe that our services and technology brings strong transparency and impartiality to all parties involved in the settlement of patient cases.

Additional information about the company, along with a video can be found at its website at www.spineinjurysolutions.com.

About Quad Video HALO, Inc.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Spine Injury Solutions, Inc., Quad Video HALO, Inc brings surgeons and interventional pain management providers the ability to bring modern video documentation technology into the operating/treatment rooms. The Quad Video Technology™ V3.0 and HALO Rx™ creates a digital turnkey video and audio documentation solutions that integrates multiple views from other OR/treatment imaging sources with several other viewpoints just outside the sterile field.

Additional information about QVH can be found at its website: www.quadvideohalo.com.

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