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Spine Injury Solutions, Inc.,

Spine Injury Solutions, Inc. (OTC QB: SPIN) is a medical services and technology company that finances healthcare services related to liability spine injuries. The company has developed a management system, utilizing its patented  video technology to expedite case management and claims settlement, while creating comprehensive transparency of forensic data to facilitate the insurance and legal process.

Company Information

What Is Spine Injury Solutions, Inc.,

Spine Injury Solutions, Inc. was incorporated under the laws of Delaware on March 4, 1998. We changed our name to Spine Injury Solutions Inc on September 1, 2015. We have two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Quad Video Halo, Inc. which holds certain assets associated with our Quad Video Halo (“QVH”) business, and Gleric Holdings, LLC which holds certain intangible assets.

SPIN is a technology, marketing, billing and collection company facilitating diagnostic services for patients who have sustained spine injuries. In addition, we are developing QVH programs to assist surgeons and other healthcare providers with treatment documentation in specialized areas, such as spine injuries and regenerative medicine. We deliver turnkey solutions to spine surgeons, orthopedic surgeons and other healthcare providers who treat spine injuries. Our goal is to become a leader in providing technology and monetizing services to spine and orthopedic surgeons and other healthcare providers. By monetizing the providers’ accounts receivables, patients are not unnecessarily delayed or prevented from obtaining needed treatment. After a patient is billed for the procedures performed we oversee collections.

We currently are providing technology and or collection services to four spine injury diagnostic centers in the United States, which are located in Houston, Texas; Odessa, Texas; Lubbock , Texas: and Tyler, Texas. We are seeking additional funding for expansion by way of reasonable debt financing to accelerate future development. In connection with this strategy, we plan to offer our technology to additional diagnostic centers in new market areas that are attractive under our business model, assuming adequate funds are available.

We own a patented device and process by which a video recording system is attached to a fluoroscopic x-ray machine, the “four camera technology,” which we believe can attract additional physicians and patients, and provide us with additional revenue streams with our new programs designed to assist in treatment documentation. We have refined the technology, through research and development, resulting in a fully commercialized Quad Video Halo System 3.0. Using this technology, diagnostic and treatment procedures are recorded from four separate video feeds that capture views from both inside and outside the body, and a video is made which is placed in the patient’s chart and also given to the patient’s representative to verify the treatment received. Additionally, we anticipate independent medical representatives will sell Quad Video Halo units to additional hospitals and clinics.